Requiem for Radio – Canadian Electroacoustic Community eContact Journal 20.3 January 2020

Cineflux Symposium 2014 “The Old New”

Panel “Acoustic Spaces”

Robert Bean, NSCAD

Helen Pridmore, Mount Allison University

Lukas Pearse NSCAD

David Cecchetto  York University

Lukas Pearse “Sounds in Space! “

Abstract: Our ability to localize sound is key to much of our sensorial experience  and construction of time-based meaning, and the physical placement of sound sources have always been an element of our experience of performance. Yet the evolution of sound recording and playback methods have significantly altered what is possible, requiring reassessment of what we actually desire and derive from spatialized sound, recognizing the motives behind historical conventions. Inquiry into our experiential relationship to varieties of spatialized sound reproduction is the theme considered by ‚ÄúSound in Space”.


Lukas Pearse has written numerous entries for the forthcoming Grove Dictionary of American Music, working with Dr. Jacqueline Warwick,  including entries on the following artists:

The Funk Brothers

Yo La Tengo

Rick James

Carole Kaye 

Meshell Ndegeocello  

The Dead Kennedys  

Bad Brains

Black Flag

Violent Femmes