Black Cop -2017

Black Cop – Corey Bowles, director

Feature, Foley – Lukas Pearse

Audio Post-Production, including Foley, sound editing, dialogue editing, mixing and sound design for film, TV, dance, and art projects.

Trailer Park Boys Season 11

11 Episodes, 2017

Foley for all episodes



Mr D  Season 6

Foley for select episodes




North Mountain

75 min thriller, 2015

writer/director Brettan Hannam

Sound Design, Dialogue Edit, Foley, Sound mix,  Score

WINNER : Best Original Score, Atlantic Film Festival 2015


TWO (2016)

writer / director Chris Spencer-Lowe

Sound Design,  Final Mix

Official Selection: 2016 Atlantic Film Festival



Tipping Point 

Tipping Point (2016)
Short, Comedy (00:07:10)
​Writer / Director: Stephanie Young

Sound Design, Score
Official Selection: 2016 Atlantic Film Festival




The Long and Short of Barry Small
18 min short, 2013
Luckas Cardona
Sound Design and Sound Mix





Bunker 6
80 min feature drama 2013
Greg Jackson
SFX recordist


7 min short, 2013
Kristen Swinkles
Sound Design


Seeking Netukulimik 
23 min documentary,  2013
Martha Steigman
Sound Design, Sound Editing


Fire, Ice and Sky
55 min documentary, 2013
Sound Editing, Sound Design, Sound Mixing
gravityandgracebanner Gravity and Grace
104 minutes, 2012
Solomon Nagler
Sound design and Sound Editing
wittgenstein 88 Constellations
interactive web art 2008
David Clark
Voice Recording and editing
buw Breathing Underwater
Audio / Video / Sculptural installation 2005
Glynis Humphrey
audio installation design