North Mountain

Film scores

North Mountain

North Mountain

82 min Thriller 2015

Bretton Hannam

WINNER Atlantic Film Festival

2015 Best Original Score

Screen-shot-2014-04-26-at-1.21.17-PM Transfer
18 minutes short 2014
Chris Spencer-LoweWINNER Atlantic Film  Festival2014 BEST SHORT
Nigredo Nigredo
8 minutes short, 2013
Kristen Swinkles
darrell varga film still . Fire Ice and Sky
55 minutes, 2013
Darrel Varga
gravityandgracebanner Gravity and Grace 
104 minutes, 2012
Solomon Nagler
The Bike Ride
7 min 2011
Caley MacLennan
Deep End
8 min 2010
Bretten Hannam
Daddy’s Little Girl
7 1/2 min 2009
Luckas Cardona
Finalist for CBC’s Short Film Challenge 2010
Burning Rubber
52 min 2009
Ariella Pahlke
Black Salt Water Elegy
16 min 2010
Soloman Nagler

Electroacoustic with Live Musicians

  • Vonda de Ville in “Temporal Follies”  2010
    for Soprano and sound recording
  • Call-Ender Error 2009
    for Brass Quintet
  • Distal Summit  2008
    for mixed nonet and electronics

Chamber Ensembles

  • Disassociation   2009
    for mixed nonet
  • 30,000 Instructions  2008
    for mixed sextet
  • Underhanded, (For Lan Tung)   2014
    For mixed nonet with Erhu and Double Bass soloists.


  • MAX 50 (for Terry Fox) 2011
    for symphony orchestra
  • Time and Space   2009
    for large ensemble and narrator

Various Compositions

Electroacoustic Soundscore for Veronique MacKenzie’s extreme weather choreography,
to be broadcast over low power FM transmitter and played on emergency radios

Overheard, Underplayed 2007
Electroacoustic installation using Edison Wax Cylinders and Air Canada complimentary headphones

In The Forest, Does Anybody Hear? 2007
Live Electroacoustic using sounds gathered in Kejimikujic National Park

Pneu Musique (Transcription Study No. One)
Double Bass and the sounds of burning rubber (laptop optional)

Missing the Unknown (Parable)
Electroacoustic using field recordings and the composers’ cat

Ear I Am 2007
Samplers and the sounds of modern dancers (dance score for Barabara Mavro Thalassitis)

Briefing For A Descent 2006
Soprano, Double Bass

Briefing For A Descent Into Hell 2006
Soprano, Violin, Keyboard, Double Bass, sampler

Interlace 2005
Violin, Keyboard, Double Bass, sampler

The Point Is Moot 2005
Mixed Improvising Ensemble, Electronic Soloist

Miss Memory 2005
Mixed Improvising Ensemble, Double Bass Soloist

The Greats? 2005
Mixed Improvising Ensemble, Narrator, CD Obbligato

The Garbage Man 2005
Soprano, Mixed Improvising Ensemble, CD Obbligato

Sciolto 2005
Mixed Quartet

Butterfly 2005
Soprano, Violin, Double Bass, sampler

Nova Expressions 2004
Mixed Improvising Ensemble, Double Bass, and Laptop Soloists

The Fireworks Have Been Moved To Today 2004
Electroacoustic using the sounds of Guy Fawkes Day

The Game 2004
Mixed Quartet with Soloist, Sampler and Eight Dice Obbligato

A Bell, A Muse 2003
Violin, Viola, Trumpet, Tenor Sax, Bass Clarinet, Two Double Basses

The Agricolites
Mixed Improvising Ensemble

Music Appreciation 2003
Double Bass and CD

Triple Threat Trio 2002
Piano, Bass Clarinet, Double Bass, CD