Requiem for Radio – Dead Air Requiem in 5 Parts

Friday, May 26th, 2017


5 channel radio composition, to be broadcast by 5 separate shortwave stations.
Part of Amanda Dawn Christie’s Requiem for Radio – Full Quiet Flutter project at RE:Flux Festival, Moncton, May 2017

Homage to Radio Canada International Shortwave Service, formerly in Sackville New Brunswick, referencing the Mass For the Dead in 5 Parts by William Byrd (1539-1623). Many shortwave radio anomalies are included, as are the sounds of the RCI towers themselves.

Remaining dates/times:

26th May 2017 2300-2400 UTC
27th May 2017 2300-2400 UTC


WRMI : Radio Miami International 11580 kHz
WBCQ : Free Speech Radio 5130 kHz
Nauen: Shortwaveservice 9690 kHz
Moosbrunn: Shortwaveservice 9620 kHz
Boston Pirate Radio 6850 kHz



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